Hi! I’m Melissa, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a do-everything person myself, which is exactly why I became a virtual assistant. Lending my helping hands for a variety of tasks keeps me from getting bored of day-to-day operations, and it allows you to have more focus on the tasks that matter most. Those that only you can accomplish.

I’ve always had a knack for finding the most efficient way to accomplish tasks without sacrificing quality. I’m always researching the better way to do this, automate that, implement this system and write down that process in case I need to do it again or hand it off to someone else. Yes, I even methodically set up my kitchen so putting away clean dishes is as easy as possible. I highly value setting up environments for success.

I’ve spent my professional life wearing a myriad of hats across unrelated fields, and succeeding in each! Building online courses, managing a physical stockroom and inventory, making twist balloons and crafts with kids, project management, selling video games, building and maintaining websites for small businesses, managing contracts, processing invoices, photographing concerts, forensically archiving and organizing litigation data, running a business (or few..), and never stopping learning.

Getting to be a virtual assistant is the cumulation and culmination of everything I enjoy. I’m honored to be of service.

I can also be found sewing and crafting, experimenting in the kitchen, taking photos (including the header photo on this page!) playing video games, doodling on my iPad, tinkering with something or with my nose in (on?) my Kindle.

We have businesses to run. And we’re both human.
Let’s work together, shall we?

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