It's okay to let go

We both know you CAN do everything, but be honest, do you NEED to? There are better places to spend your mental energy. Investing in virtual assistance is a huge step towards growth, freeing up you and your experts to, well, DO BUSINESS.


Consider the time savings you can accumulate by hiring a virtual assistant to handle tasks you haven't been able to get to, don't have the time to spend learning how to do, or just plain don't enjoy.


Keeping your to-do list short allows you to focus on the highest priority tasks without worrying about your should-do list.
Focus on your priority tasks, do what you do best.


Hiring a virtual assistant means saving on physical costs because it doesn't really matter how far apart we are. With over 2 years of fully remote work under my belt, rest easy that you'll receive excellent service, virtually.


eLearning Assistance

  • Curriculum development
  • Materials conversion
  • Course structure
  • LMS course authoring
  • LMS support and migration

Business Operations

  • Workflow efficiency audit
  • Streamline and automate workflows
  • Documentation and technical writing
  • Checklist and hand-out development

Website, Social Media and Content Production

  • Website content architecture
  • Social Media audit and strategy
  • Image sourcing and content editing
  • Website and blog maintenance

Project Management

  • Project charter development
  • Schedule development and tracking
  • Monitor budget and resources
  • Accountability

Brand Continuity

  • Social Media branding
  • Branded PowerPoint templates
  • Document templates
  • Video overlays
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